Learning & development

Invesco prides itself on recruiting talented people.

Learning & development

Invesco prides itself on recruiting talented people; however it doesn't stop there. Whether you're new to the company or want the tools to help manage your career, our People Development team is there to support you.

Introducing people development

Our company is committed to giving all employees the opportunity to grow and develop throughout their career. Joining Invesco as an employee will offer you the opportunity to further enhance your skills and knowledge in order to accelerate your performance. Whether it's building your professional skills, extending your business and technical knowledge or growing your capability, we are keen to support you in achieving your aims.

New to the company

Information and support are offered from the moment you join us. Our induction programme for new employees includes an introduction to the company, outlining our history, structure and unique culture. The programme seeks to get your employment off to a great start and set you up for further success.

After attending the induction programme you will be offered further programmes aligned to our business strategy and tailored to suit your development requirements. These might include:

  • Functional specific knowledge and skills
  • Honing skills such as communication and relationship building
  • Insight into team management and coaching
  • Investment management qualifications

Manage your career

Managing your career is an ongoing activity that doesn't stop with your recruitment into our organisation. New roles and new challenges frequently require that individuals refresh and hone their skills. To this end we have a broad selection of formal training programmes. People Development ensures that development opportunities are offered to all, and you are encouraged to continuously develop and challenge yourself and take advantage of our extensive best-in-class course offering.

You will have regular reviews to ascertain how you are doing and explore areas of future development. As part of our Performance Management System all employees jointly assess performance with their line managers, agree development activities and discuss career aspirations aligned to support our business strategy.

Fulfilling career aspirations may not always mean 'promotion'. Opportunities exist to develop through job rotation, departmental transfers, project work etc, and our HR intranet site advertises all vacancies to ensure employees are aware of every internal opportunity.